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I was born with an incurable genetic eye disease called “Retinitis Pigmentosa” otherwise known as RP. I definitely struggle with my disability throughout the years and was rendered legally blind in my early twenties.

At first what I felt was definitely struggle as my impairment took over my life and turned everyday tasks into constant issues and frustrations but as the years went on this so called Disability became a huge part of me and my personality.

As they say with the loss or weakness of one sense means the others grow stronger and with it was my ability to hear and feel sound. It is amazing how much people truly rely on their sight and vision. I noticed as mine lessened over the years that my other senses did in fact get stronger and with that strength came insight and a greater sense of intuition. When I am sharing space with someone I am listening and communicating with them on another level and this is because I have to listen and process everything they say and not get distracted by visual things going on while we are sharing the same space.

At first I struggled with the loss and I was very unsure how to manage it but as the years went on and time took over I began to embrace and welcome the benefits of increased senses and now I am very comfortable in my own skin. I find that I am more tapped in and connected when communicating with someone and you can truly judge people for their own individual self and personality and not get caught up in appearance and other visual deterrence that may take place.

This disability has made me much more aware of my environment and surroundings. I have also been fortunate to have an increased memory and this is very beneficial in my day to day life. Sound and connection are very important in my life which is why I feel I got involved and really enjoy making, creating and performing music. I immersed myself in music in my early twenties and became a prominent fixture in the Urban music scene and I performed in and around Canada for several years.

Later I became a mentor /producer for the upcoming youth in and around Calgary and in 2017 I started my own record label with 3 other partners called ” Infinite Elements ” in which we help mentor/grow and develop artist in all stages of their careers.

Disability really humbles one’s soul and does not allow for me to take anything for granted. I appreciate and have so much empathy for life and people in general. I truly embrace my disability and I am truly thankful for the path that life has given me.

Please check out the below links if you would like to see my journey and learn more about my struggles/accomplishments. Lastly I wanna thank Disability Pride for inviting me to grace the stage at their awesome event and giving me a voice to share my music and my passions with the people!!!

See you at Disability Pride 2019!

Instagram jayrosscrawford

    Jay Ross- Crawford

Infinite Elements Record Label

Global News Calgary February 20, 2018

The People Project: Legally blind, hip-hop artist J-Ross embraces hope and defies all odds, KERIANNE SPROULE & LEAH HENNEL, Calgary Herald



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