Building communities and creating connections. 

What is Disability Pride?

Disability Pride is about being happy with who you are and sharing yourself with the people around you!

We have a mission to celebrate and empower the disability community. Hosting community events provides an opportunity for people with & without disabilities to celebrate diversity, inclusion and pride.

Let’s celebrate what makes each of us unique and how much we have in common!

If you have comments, ideas, or questions please email us at: info@disabilitypridealberta.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


Andrea van Vugt, President and Founder
Disability Pride Alberta Foundation 2020

Highlights from the 2019 Disability Pride Parade Celebration 

Three youth holding signs in a parade

Man and woman holding hands pushing boy in wheelchair

Three men and one woman chatting on a sunny day

For more photos from the 2019 Disability Pride Parade check out: 


Group of people surrounding stage area with performers

To learn more about the Disability Pride movement, check out:

“The Story Behind Disability Pride 2017” that explores the meaning of Disability Pride.

The New York Times article about NYC’s Disability Pride Parade leader Mike LeDonne and his daughter Mary “Song and Daughter Inspire Plans to Celebrate People With Disabilities”

Stay loud and proud!