Why the Calgary Foundation is Vital to our City

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In 2018, we had just founded Disability Pride Alberta and we were working towards our very first goal: to produce a disability pride parade in Calgary. We had the people power, but we needed financial support. We applied to take part in the Calgary Foundation‘s Neighbour Grants LIVE event, and after presenting to a public jury, the Calgary Foundation partnered with RBC and awarded us $10,000 to produce our parade!

2018 Pitch Night: Neighbour Grants LIVE

Neighbour Grants is a Calgary Foundation Grassrooots Grant initiative that supports local, citizen-led projects that better our city and communities. In 2019, Pitch Night: Neighbour Grants were awarded to six different projects, including an accessible playground in Thorncliffe and a ukulele community theater produced by the Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners. Cool, right?!

This year the Calgary Foundation is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its Neighbour Grants Program. They will be commemorating this milestone at Vital City on Thursday October 24th at the BMO Centre in Calgary.

Congratulations to the Calgary Foundation. Thanks for supporting all kinds of awesome initiatives and being vital to our city!

– Ethan Collister, owner of Precision Writing and Editing and volunteer with Disability Pride Alberta Foundation, based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

** Check out actionhall.ca to learn more about a Calgary organization that makes Disability Pride and Action possible**


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