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Hi there. My name is Curtis Ruttle I am a blind photographer.

A little background about myself – I’m visually impaired. I have 10% vision and i have aniridia (the loss of the iris coloured part of the eye), nystagmus (the back and forth rapid movement of the eyes)

Last year in school I took a photography class as a option and I absolutely fell in love with it. Yes, I had taken photos before but I never saw it in the same way. I didn’t understand all the concepts of photography, ever since that i cannot stop taking photos, I just see things in such different ways now.

I always say that I see things like a camera would, I can envision how it will look on a camera and that makes it even more spectacular. Yes I am visually impaired but that doesn’t stop me, I love to take photos and share my story with people.

I never really describe or explain my photos because everyone sees things differently, everyone will always determine or view your work differently than you have. I like to leave it up to others to get what they get from it themselves.

Here are several photos I really loved and thought I’d share.

Image Description:
A very light rainbow going in between a couple branches and very bright green leaves

Image description:
Photo taken in Drumheller at the Atlas Coal Mine. It is of looking over the edge of the hill out into the valley and then the side of the hill on the right, the grass is very green and it looks like you are in mountainous areas 
Image description:
A view with a dark green tree on the left and two light green trees on the right. Dark blue sky with full clouds in the center with rolling hills, a cavern and trees in the distance
Image description:
Tops of green trees in the bottom part of the photo and a red roof in the right hand corner. Light blue and purple clouds with hints of bright fuchsia
Image description:
Rushing water gathering into a bright white, swirling pool of water

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