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I’m a gardener, a podcast producer, a SAIT Photoshop student, and a pet therapy handler. These are just a few of things that I’ve become while assisting young adults with developmental disabilities for their employment and education goals. My official title is Community Resource Worker but I must play many different roles to perform my job. Everyday is so incredibly different from the next. I can utilize my own personal strengths, and discover many new ones. The clients’ various interests are so vast, from music to math, flowers to finance; I must stretch my skill set wide to support them the best I can. Each day is a fresh start to impart skills and knowledge to the clients I assist, and that’s one of the most exciting things about it.

I regard employment as one of the greatest indicators for complete inclusion in the community. Yes, you may find inclusion at your library or billiards table, but employment (and to a lesser extent, yet just as important, volunteering) encompasses so many responsibilities and skills that must not be missed at a crucial developing stage of a young person’s life. That’s why I have such a worthwhile job, because I get to be a part of that growth.

My job has now become a way of life. Not only do I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I work in with the disability community, but all marginalized communities. Simply by spending time with these young adults, I have developed an increased sense of empathy and vigor for helping. I truly feel lucky and fortunate to have the experience working with inspiring young adults for all that they have given me.

Thank you to all who strive for communities with equal opportunities for everyone.

-Ryan F.

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  1. Beautifully articulated Ryan. I have 30+ years of wonderful experiences of providing supports, advocating and teaching individuals with a variety of disabilities. I take pride of my work and I am very grateful for the lessons each person has taught me.

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