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I am Danielle. I was born in 1972 Bassano, Alberta. I then moved to a small town Cluny, Alberta until I was three years old. I moved to Calgary, Alberta grew up in Calgary I went to Special classes for disabilities up to Grade 12 then disabilities independence living course in collage. I used to work downtown in an office building’s full time in cafeterias in oil companies.  I also lived on my own from 1991 to 2011 raising pets like dog & cats! I lived in Calgary for 42 years. I was in disabilities program like teen group, women’s group, the Disability Action Hall, Stage Left Drama at One Yellow Rabbit Theatre. I volunteered at the Goodwill Store and  Interfaith thrift store. I also volunteered with seniors nursing home for Care West North  Of Calgary. I liked being part of the Disability Action Hall as it is a chance to meet people with similar stories like I have. I like the public speaking and being proud of my disability, standing up tall and  for my rights.

I didn’t know I had a disability until I was in grade 12. And that at that time, my Mom and Dad were talking about me getting meningitis when I was three years old. It attacked my spinal cord and it affect my speech, learning and hips. Over hearing their conversation, it now made sense why I was in special education growing up. When I was 18 I met a friend who was part of a Women’s Group in downtown Calgary. She told me about AISH and being proud of my disability. I am not ashamed of my disability. I am allowed to talk to people about my disability to others when I feel like it, and if it they are interested.

Now I am 46 years, I moved to Whitecourt, Alberta where I have lived there for the last four years. I volunteer at a thrift store  3 days a week in the morning. I am also a part of the Skyline community social group and AACTS Disability Group .I love being a self-advocate, and being independent and living on my own.

To find out more information about the Disability Action Hall check out: actionhall.ca


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