Disability Story – Alzheimer’s

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Here is the art of my husband.

He was a physician up Northern Alberta, Grimshaw. In 2010 he was diagnosed with Alzheimers at the age of 54.  Before that date he never showed any interest in art.

This collage work is done during 2017.  The scenes in his work is and was all part of his life.  The cars he drove, his Grandpa’s farm, nature, his kayak (he uses it on the Bow River), the Fair, Calgary where we reside now

For his collage he uses acrylic skins, old magazines, twigs, acorns, egg cartons , acrylic paint and thread. He spends hours on this craft and loves doing it. Sometimes goes to bed 1am in the morning!

His work is for sale for $50 each. With that money he buys new canvasses, paint and varnish. He has already sold some of his work.

-Patricia. D


  1. Wow, very nice art work. I’m sure we all have hidden talents, you have found yours. Hope you sell all of them and keep it up! Maybe someday they will be on the walls of a studio!👍🏻

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